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Maintenance Tickets
Date Problem Area Description Ticket Status Date Completed
07-16-2014 otherarea Allen, please move two of the square tables and their chairs from the Level 3 reading area into the Board Room for Ginnie's retirement luncheon on July 31. This will give us 8 additional table seats that will be good to have. Open
07-14-2014 public Right hand water fountain on the 2nd floor was spraying water on wall--mixed with air/pressure problem? No rush--just a heads up--Thanks! Open
06-25-2014 public Tables in Digital Lab could use a good wipe down. Rather dusty and have drink marks. Thanks. Open
06-20-2014 grounds There is a piece of metal (maybe roofing?) on the ground outside Nancy's office. Open
06-14-2014 public The lower level glass doors (separating the new addition from the old) are constantly opening and closing. Open
06-05-2014 office Need soap in soap dispenser in admin bathroom. It's been empty for the past two days. closed
06-05-2014 bathroom Soap dispenser in Administration bathroom needs refilling. closed
06-04-2014 classroom The clock in Maryland Hall 244 is broken. Also, may I have instructions on how to control the AC settings? I teach a 7-10pm course Mondays and Wednesdays and the AC was not on when we had our first class this Monday. Thank you for your help. Open
05-07-2014 classroom Door and locking mechanism on the camera cabinet in the digital lab need adjusting/fixing. closed 5/8/14
05-01-2014 public Toilet set in second floor women's room is cracked. Open
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