Status of Maintenance Tickets


Maintenance Tickets
Date Problem Area Description Ticket Status Date Completed
04-15-2014 bathroom 1st floor ladies room has an unpleasant odor. maybe an old mop is being used? closed 4-15-14
04-15-2014 otherarea The edging strip on part the media counter is coming off. closed 4-15-14
04-07-2014 public Clock on main floor near the old elevators is not displaying correct time. closed
03-31-2014 seminar Clock in 1st floor seminar room is not reading correct time. closed
03-11-2014 otherarea Archives and Special Collections temperature reading for the past 4 or 5 days has been 82 degrees. Is there anything you can do to lower the temperature? Many thanks. closed
03-10-2014 otherarea testing form per message from Nancy Closed 3/10/2014
03-06-2014 public 2nd floor ladies' room smells terrible! closed
02-27-2014 public Please clean the empty periodical shelving unit - 1st one in the row where the seats are; the row facing the entry doors (all of them need cleaning but we plan to put up a book display Friday or Monday in the first unit) Thanks! closed
02-27-2014 office In Acquisitions, the laminate is peeling off of the mail counter next to Carla's desk. Please re-glue top and front. Thanks. closed
02-25-2014 office Withdrawn videocassettes and cases need to be discarded. All are on a cart in Cindy and Polly's office and have a "Please discard" sign. Thanks for your help. Polly closed
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