Status of Maintenance Tickets


Maintenance Tickets
Date Problem Area Description Ticket Status Date Completed
04-23-2014 auditorium Plaster from the ceiling hit the bottoms of the chairs closest to the front so that the chairs and part of the flooring need a wipe down. Also, the clock needs to be reset to the current time Open
04-22-2014 otherarea It's that time again. Please lend us two library tables through Friday morning so that we can set up for the MSA traveling exhibit. Many thanks. Nancy P. Archives and Special Collections Open
04-22-2014 otherarea The vemts are closed in Archives and Special Collections and some of the radiators are still warm. Please open the vents as soon as possible. Many thanks. Open
04-15-2014 bathroom 1st floor ladies room has an unpleasant odor. maybe an old mop is being used? closed 4-15-14
04-15-2014 otherarea The edging strip on part the media counter is coming off. closed 4-15-14
04-07-2014 public Clock on main floor near the old elevators is not displaying correct time. closed
03-31-2014 seminar Clock in 1st floor seminar room is not reading correct time. closed
03-11-2014 otherarea Archives and Special Collections temperature reading for the past 4 or 5 days has been 82 degrees. Is there anything you can do to lower the temperature? Many thanks. closed
03-10-2014 otherarea testing form per message from Nancy Closed 3/10/2014
03-06-2014 public 2nd floor ladies' room smells terrible! closed
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