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Mapping NYC Lit

When we visit a new place, whether it’s a college campus, an unfamiliar city, or an art museum, often the first thing we do is to take a tour. The tour may be led by a human guide, a map, or an audio recording.

In this class project, groups of 3-4 students became virtual tour guides for a work (or small group of works) of literature. However, rather than "touring" the work through a plot summary or synopsis, they mapped the actual places in which a work takes place as a way of understanding the basic form, themes, and characters involved in a literary work (or group of works).

You can browse the various locations researched for this project by clicking on the map above, or follow the links for an interactive tour for each work.

The Projects:

(You can also link to the projects by using the top navigation bar.)

This project uses  StoryMapJS, developed by the Knight Labs at Northwestern University, and Google Maps.