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Franco-Italian On-Line Archive

A collaborative project supported by the ItalNet consortium
Leslie Zarker Morgan and David Bénéteau, project directors

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The Franco-Italian On-Line Archive (FIOLA) will be a database of all texts written in mixed French and Italian language from its earliest examples in the twelfth century to the Renaissance. These texts have a fascinating history and tradition, but because of the difficulty of the language, the inaccessibility of editions and the uniqueness of each literary artifact, they remain relatively unknown in non-specialist circles. It is our hope that this archive will help promote the study and appreciation of these beautiful and interesting texts by making lexical research easily accessible.

FIOLA begins by presenting two texts: La Guerra di Attila and L'Entrée d'Espagne (and its Suite, commonly known as La Prise de Pamplune). These texts are entirely searchable by word and morphological patterns. Additional texts are currently being edited for inclusion in the textbase, including St. Mark's V13. With the cooperation of other scholars in the field we hope to gather and make searchable the entire corpus of Franco-Italian texts. FIOLA would like to become a place where the community of scholars meets to consider these traditions. Your involvement is welcome!


FIOLA is directed by:

Leslie Zarker Morgan, Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (Italian and French), Loyola University Maryland
e-mail: lmorgan@loyola.edu
homepage: http://www.evergreen.loyola.edu/~lmorgan/

David P. Bénéteau, Associate Professor of Italian, Seton Hall University
e-mail: beneteda@shu.edu
homepage: http://pirate.shu.edu/~beneteda/

Computing support for FIOLA was initally provided by ItalNet, an international consortium whose mission is to make available scholarly Internet resources of literary and historical materials relating to Italian studies. The FIOLA textbase is being designed and programmed by:

Christian Dupont, Atlas Systems Inc., Aeon Program Director  in consultation with:
Mark Olsen, Associate Director, ARTFL Project, University of Chicago, e-mail: mark@barkov.uchicago.edu
in consultation with: Mark Olsen, Associate Director, ARTFL Project, University of Chicago
e-mail: mark@barkov.uchicago.edu

FIOLA was ported to Loyola Notre Dame Library in 2009 and is maintained by Charles Lockwood, e-mail Clockwood@loyola.edu.
Source of texts contributed are noted with each text..


XperSearch FIOLA. The XperSearch engine offers word, pattern and phrase matching capabilities and the selection of lines by line number for all documents presently contained in the FIOLA corpus. It is publically accessible with no registration or password or domain authorization required. Comments are welcome and may be addressed to Charles Lockwood.

<!----REMOVED no longer available 07-27-2010 -C.L. Project participants are also invited to try out a preliminary implementation of the ARTFL PhiloLogic search engine as applied to an earlier version of the FIOLA corpus (password and authorized domain name required). REMOVED --->

For information on editions used in preparing each of the documents for inclusion in the corpus and for corresponding publisher permission statements, please consult the following links:


In addition to providing a database of Franco-Italian texts, FIOLA will also include bibliography resources such as the following:

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